About this blog and the author

The world is so wonderful and so are the people making it.

By the time there has been a lot of technological developments. The embedded technology was always fascinating to me. If one look at the history of it, man its amazing how things are now turned into. Form big to small. From small to huge processing power. It just shows the mankind’s efforts to create wonderful stuff using the brain.

About me : I work as an embedded software engineer in a firm. Still learning the never ending embedded world. I mean seriously. This technology like others, is growing at a huge pace and there’s no end to it. Funny. So far I used to code for micro-controllers but now a days learning the development on SOC’s and it is more fun. I miss the micro-controller world though if you ask. I started this blog with the perspective of sharing my knowledge with the interested audience and I believe we can learn and grow together.